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Forthcoming refereed articles

Boe-Lillegraven, S., Georgallis, P., & Kolk, A. (2023). Sea change? Sensemaking, Firm Reactions, and Community Resilience Following Climate Disasters. Journal of Management Studies. Link to SSRN
Coche, E., Kolk, A., & Ocelík, V. (forthcoming). Unravelling cross-country regulatory intricacies of data governance: The relevance of legal insights for digitalization and international business. Journal of International Business Policy, doi:10.1057/s42214-023-00172-1. Link to SSRN

Refereed articles

Ciulli, F. & Kolk, A. (2023). International Business, digital technologies and sustainable development: Connecting the dots. Journal of World Business, 58(4), 101445. Link to SSRN
Ocelík, V., Kolk, A., & Ciulli, F. (2023). Multinational Enterprises, Industry 4.0 and Sustainability: A Multidisciplinary Review and Research Agenda. Journal of Cleaner Production, 413(4), 137434. Link to SSRN
Ocelík, V., Kolk, A., & Irion, K. (2023). Shifting Battlegrounds: Corporate Political Activity in the General Data Protection Regulation. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2023(1), best paper. Link to journal

Refereed publications in/of books

Ciulli, F. & Kolk, A. (forthcoming). Companies and the energy transition: A business model perspective. In V. Gitis & G. Rothenberg (Eds.), Handbook of Energy and Environment, World Scientific Publishing. Link to Book
Ocelík, V. & Kolk, A. (forthcoming). Sustainability in a Digital World: Geopolitics, Values and International Business Policy. In P. Gugler & A.T. Lehmann (Eds.), Handbook of International Business Policy, Edward Elgar. Link to Book