Dissertations (completed)

2022 Nicole Stofberg
Sustaining the sharing economy. Dissertation 
2022 Khadija van der Straaten
Inequality of opportunities in multinational enterprises. Dissertation 
2020 Katinka Quintelier
The microfoundations of stakeholder theory. Dissertation 
2019 Binqi Tang
The effects of time on managers and investors in corporate social responsibility.
2018 Daniel van den Buuse
Business strategies in sustainable energy. Dissertation
2018 Robert Kleinknecht
Organizational antecedents of managerial short-termism. Dissertation
2016 François Lenfant
On business, conflict and peace: Interaction and collaboration in Central Africa. Dissertation
2016 Francesca Ciulli
Institutional complexity and sustainable development in the EU electricity sector. Dissertation
2014 Hsin-Hsuan Meg Lee
Managing the uncontrollable: Empirical studies of user-generated content online. Dissertation
2013 Rene Bohnsack
Car firms and low-emission vehicles. Dissertation
2011 Marlene Vock
Social interactions for economic value? A marketing perspective. Dissertation
2008 Fabienne Fortanier
Multinational enterprises, institutions and sustainable development. Dissertation
2006 Jonatan Pinkse
Business responses to global climate change. Dissertation
2005 Susanne van de Wateringen
The greening of black gold. Dissertation
2001 Anniek Mauser
The greening of business. Environmental management and performance evaluation. Dissertation

PhD projects in final stage

Václav Ocelík: Nonmarket strategies in the digital age

PhD projects in progress

Seoe Ann: Corporate social responsibility in pharma (full-time)
Robert Bwana: Digital technologies for responsible supply chains in Africa (full-time)
Eugénie Coche: The information security-privacy-ownership nexus (externally-funded, full-time)
Ongun Durhan: Global Value Chains and inequality (full-time)
Gabriella Guinlle Ferreira de Oliveira Santos: IB and the energy transition (full-time)
Chantal van den Ouweland: Sustainable innovations in smart cities (externally-funded, part-time)
Junlin Wang: Multinationals and innovation for sustainable development (full-time)
Yiqi Wang: Internationalization and CSR (externally-funded, part-time)

PhD projects in exploratory phase

Maurice Wokke: Decarbonisation and MNE strategies (external, part-time)